Panel Mount Circuit Breaker - 10 Amp Current Rating

10 Amp panel mount circuit breaker. Provides excellent resettable protection from short circuits. Push button reset. Wires connect to circuit breaker via 1/4 inch female push-on terminals. Panel mount breaker is thermal, with ~30% tolerance.
Part #: CB-PM3-10
Part #: CB-PM3-10
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10 Amp rated panel mount circuit breakers are type 3 manual reset breakers that provide protection from short circuits and over current conditions.  The 10 amp rating is suitable for the protection of smaller gauge wires such as 18 gauge and 20 gauge.  These panel mount breakers are thermal in design, and have a variance of approximately +/- 30%.  Good for general purpose circuit protection.  If you require more precise current control, then you should use a fast blow fuse instead.   Panel mount circuit breakers have an operating temperature rating of -23°C - 65°C (-10°F - 150°F ).  Meets UL standard 1077. With a voltage rating of up to 32 volts DC and up to 250 volts AC, these breakers can be used in automotive, marine, and industrial applications.  Wires attach using 1/4 inch female push-ons.  The 10 amp rating is printed on the reset button, which pops out when the circuit breaker is tripped.  Simply press  the button back in to reset the circuit.