30 Amp 'Short Stop' Auto reset Circuit Breaker 12 Volt Right Angle

12 volt Automotive circuit breaker with a current rating of 30 amps. right angle mounting bracket makes it easy to attach the breaker to any surface. Threaded posts utilize number 10 Ring terminals for electrical connections. Automatic reset Bussmann shortstop circuit breaker.
Part #: CB-ST1-30 SMB
Part #: CB-ST1-30 SMB
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All electrical wiring should have some form of short circuit protection. This bussmann shortstop 30 amp circuit breaker provides just that sort of protection. Shortstop circuit breakers have been protecting automotive and marine 12 volt electrical wiring for decades.  the circuit breaker comes with a built-in right angle mounting bracket making it easy to install. Electrical hookups are easy using standard number 10 ring terminals. Power from your battery attaches to the copper post labeled BAT, and the devices and wiring you wish to protect attached to the silver post labeled AUX.  The auxiliary post is taller, and allows for multiple wires to be attached to the circuit breaker. This particular shortstop circuit breaker is a type 1 automatic reset, which means that after the circuit breaker trips, it will automatically reset itself after a short period of time has elapsed. If the short circuit or electrical fault still exists, it will cause the breaker to trip again anything that causes a circuit breaker to trip should be investigated and fixed as soon as possible.