5/8 Inch Wire Loom Tubing - Sold By the Foot

5/8 Inch Inside Diameter Polyethylene Black Slit Wire Loom Tubing. High ridge corrugated design for optimal strength. Full length slit stays closed even during the tightest bends. For larger gauge wires or large bundles of smaller wires. Sold by the foot as a continuous piece.
Part #: CPL-5/8
Part #: CPL-5/8
Length(ft.) Price per ft.
1 + $0.99
25 + $0.82
100 + $0.46
800 + $0.29
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5/8 Inch Inside Diameter Polyethylene Slit Wire Loom Tubing. Large enough to cover larger cables up to 1/0 gauge, or multiple common wire sizes such as 14 & 16 gauge.  Corrugated wall design resists crushing while providing a high degree of flexibility. The full length slit design makes it easier to insert longer lengths of wire, or to break out individual circuits easily anywhere along the length. Polyethylene loom has a temperature range of -40° to 200° F, (-40° to 93° C). Often used to protect and cover unsightly bundles of wire and cable.  You can hold your loom in place with 3/4'' cable clamps or you can tie it up using standard wire ties.  Sold by the foot as a continuous length.  Comes either as a bundle, coil, or box, depending on the length of wire loom you specify.  Made in Canada.