ATM Mini Add a Fuse Circuit

Mini ATM add a fuse circuit. Splits an existing mini fuse in a fuse block into two separate fused circuits. You maintain the original circuit, and now have one additional. Perfect for adding a circuit to an existing fuse block.
Part #: ATM PLUG
Part #: ATM PLUG
Quantity Price ea.
1 + $9.36
10 + $7.39
100 + $5.95
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The mini add a fuse device is a novel solution to the problem of not having enough fuses in your fuse block. You don't want to run a whole new set of wiring from the battery, so what do you do? Simply pull out a fuse from your fuse block, and insert the mini add a fuse device in its place. Then take that same fuse and plug it into the outer circuit device. Now you can take a second fuse and plug it into the attic fuse device and attach your new circuit to the red wire effectively making two circuits out of one.