Collection: 175 Amp High Power Connectors

175 Amp high power connectors can carry currents up to 175 amps and are for use with larger winches, forklifts, large generators, and more. Wire size ranges from 4 gauge to 1/0 gauge cable. Connectors are sold as two pieces - connector housings and terminals. Two housings and four terminals are needed to make a complete connection. Connector housings and terminals are unisex in design, and like color housings will only mate to a housing of the same color. Terminals are interchangeable - a 4 awg terminal can be used in the same connector as a 1/0 awg terminal. High power connector housings are available in red, gray, yellow and blue. The completed connector is rated for use to a maximum of 600 volts AC or DC and 175 amperes of continuous current.

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