Collection: Switch Panels

Our Switch Panels are an innovative product line that we developed to bring a touch of class and a 'finished' look to your electrical switching system. You select the type of switches you want for your switch panel, and what you want each switch to say, and we will custom make it for you. These switch panels will enhance the look of your RV, your boat, your motorcycle, your car or your truck. If one of our stock switch panels won't work for you, we can also custom make a panel to your specifications. Provide us with the outside dimensions, the type and number of switches you need, how you want them laid out and what you what them to say, and any special cut-outs, and we can make it for you in a few short days! Just call us at 1-800-549-0243, fax us a rough drawing of your custom switch panel to 775-425-2997, or email it to us at

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