Gray Twist On Wire Connectors

Gray twist on wire connectors for wire sizes ranging from 22 awg to 16 awg. Gray twist on connectors can connect multiple smaller wires together in a secure connection.
Part #: WT-WNG
Part #: WT-WNG
Quantity Price ea.
1 + $0.23
100 + $0.08
1000 + $0.06
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Gray twist on wire connectors are for connecting smaller wires (sizes 22 awg to 16 awg) together. Price is per piece with a 10 piece minimum. To use a gray twist on wire connector, first strip the ends off the wires you want to connect together. Then twist the stripped ends together in a clockwise direction. This will pull the wires together as the connector is tightened. Then thread the gray twist on wire connector onto the exposed copper strands of the wires and tighten the connector in a clockwise direction. Once connected, the connector can be removed by turning the connector in a counter clockwise direction.