Solder Pellets / Solder Slugs

Battery Terminals VideoGet the job done right with our solder pellet slugs! People often ask if it is better to crimp or solder battery cables and other terminal connections. We recommend using solder slugs, otherwise known as solder pellets over the crimping method for a better connection while eliminating the worry of expensive crimping tools, poor crimping, and corrosion setting in. The result is much more reliable and electrically conductive connection for optimized performance. Often called battery terminal solder slugs, they can also be used with any other closed end connectors and are great for use with our copper lugs. We carry solder pellets for 4 gauge, 2 gauge, 1 gauge, 1/0 gauge, 2/0 gauge, and 3/0 gauge wire or cable.   Great for making custom cables for use in golf carts, motorcycles, small boats. RVs, light trucks, and even heavy duty applications such as large trucks, semi-trailers and heavy duty farm equipment. Each of our solder pellet slugs contains a flux core and is color-coded to industry standards for gauge size. The flux core liquifies when heated and facilitates a clean bond between the strands of the cable and the walls of the lug or terminal.