3/4 Inch Diameter Nylon Wire Loom Tubing - Sold by the Foot

3/4 Inch inside diameter slit nylon wire loom tubing. Temperature rating of -40° to 300° F, (-40° to 149° C). Crush reisitant corrugated design. Flexible and strong. Gray identifying stripe. Resists grease, oil, and gas. Sold by the foot as a continuous piece.
Part #: CNL-3/4
Part #: CNL-3/4
Length(ft.) Price per ft.
1 + $1.79
10 + $1.33
100 + $0.96
550 + $0.60

Protect your main wiring with 3/4 inch (inside diameter) higher temperature nylon slit wire loom tubing. Gray identifying stripe runs the entire length of the tubing. Used for covering larger bundles of different gauge wires, or larger power cables.  Corrugated (ribbed) exterior provide superior crush resistance while keeping the tubing flexible.   The full length slit makes it easy to insert wires, or to pull off branch circuits anywhere down the length of the loom.  Tension from the corrugation keeps the slit closed even during the tightest bends.  Can handle temperatures ranging from -40° to 300° F, (-40° to 149° C). Sold by the foot with a bulk box being a quantity of 550ft.  Made in Canada.