Collection: Brass Battery Terminals

Brass battery terminals are the best terminals to use in a corrosive type environment such as that found in marine electrical systems. Made from die-cast brass with tin plating, brass battery terminals provide low resistance and high strength, and are easily solder-able to provide maximum current conduction. These terminals are available with a straight barrel for battery cable sizes from 6 gauge to 3/0 gauge. We also carry a split barrel parallel 'flag' style brass battery terminal for 2/0 to 2/0 cable that can be used for multiple battery setups. For those of you who want the advantage of brass, but don't feel comfortable with soldering or have the tools required to crimp these terminals, we offer a solder-less brass battery terminal that will work for cable sizes from 6 gauge to 1 gauge, and requires only a socket or wrench to attach the cable to the terminal.

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