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About Wiring Products, Ltd.

Wiring Products, Ltd. was founded in 2004 with the goal of providing excellent quality 12 volt and automotive electrical parts supplies at competitive prices, with many of our products manufactured right here in the USA. When the owners started the company, with 34 years of experience in the automotive electrical field, they noticed that most of the electrical parts available to the average person through retail outlets were offshore made junk. They sought to reverse the trend in this industry by sourcing American Made parts where they could. Parts that could not be sourced in the USA were scrutinized and tested in house for quality. 

Although our primary focus is automotive electrical, the products we carry can often be used in other applications such as marine, solar, commercial, and industrial. While most companies hire general sales people to handle customer service, the employees at Wiring Products, Ltd. have all worked in the automotive field, understand electricity, and have knowledge on how to use the products that we sell. Electricity can be confusing, and deciding what parts are needed for your job is not always easy. We have produced several video segments, documenting our products and how to use them. You can find these videos at our WiringProducts You Tube Channel, or find them dispersed around our web site.

Now almost 20 years later, we have a fully automated system for our website. You place an order and our shop personnel receives a packing slip with your name, address and parts you ordered. They pull your order and hand it off to the shipping department. Our shipping department double checks the order and products to make sure it was pulled correctly, then the shipping department ships your order out to you. 

This system is safe, quick and efficient so you can move forward with your project. Your credit card information stays with the credit card companies. Our company never sees it, has access to it, and this system can not be beached because your information stays within the merchant services and is not released. Thank you for trusting us with your automotive needs, we appreciate your business.


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