Collection: Pre-Made Battery Cables

Pre-Made Battery Cables and Small Vehicle CablesPre-made battery cables are available in a variety of different lengths and are manufactured to the highest quality for the ultimate in reliability. Use for power connections in new systems, or as replacements for existing battery and power cables. There are three main types of pre-made battery cables: Terminal to lug standard cables, small vehicle battery cables, and switch to starter cables. The standard terminal to lug battery cables have a top post battery terminal on one end, and a lug with a 3/8" eyelet on the other end. Small vehicle battery cables are designed for smaller capacity batteries such as those found in golf carts, and have a 5/16" eyelet on each end of the cable. Switch to starter cables have a 3/8" eyelet on each end of the cable, and can also be used as battery cables for smaller vehicles, or for connections to many types of starters.

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