Collection: Automatic Reset Circuit Breakers 12 Volt DC

Auto reset circuit breakers are commonly used to protect electrical wiring and components in 12 volt vehicles from short circuits and excessive current draw. They have been reliably used for decades as a replacement to costlier fuses and fusible link wires. Connections to the circuit breaker is made using the two #8-32 studs protruding from the face.  One connection stud is for your power connection, and is labeled 'BAT'.  The other stud connection is labeled 'AUX', which is where you attach the electrical device you want to protect.  The base of the short stop breaker comes in two mounting feet configurations, and also is available without mounting feet.  Auto reset circuit breakers operate in the following way - When a short circuit to ground, or too much current flows through the breaker, the contacts inside heat up and separate, interrupting the flow of electricity and protecting your circuit.  When the short stop breaker cools, the electrical contacts inside will re-connect, thereby automatically resetting the circuit breaker.  If the short circuit or over current condition still exists, the breaker will trip again and repeat the cycle.  One of the most common circuit breakers found in automobiles, trucks, boats, equipment, and RV's.

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