Collection: Specialty Switches

Marine grade switches designed to be used in boating and marine applications, or wherever a switch may be exposed to water or outdoor use. These switches feature integrated seals to protect against environmental conditions, and/or have switch parts made from materials such as brass,stainless steel, or plastic to resist corrosion.

Marine rated toggle switches feature an integrated seal and double insulated design, are UL rated and can be used for either AC or DC switching. Single pole and double pole switch configurations in either ON or Momentary ON operation are available with connections made via 1/4 inch flat terminals.

Available in single pole-single throw, single pole-double throw, double pole-single throw and double pole-double throw.

Push button switches for use in 12 volt electrical systems. Push button switches are single pole single throw switches that are normally off, and turn on when pushed. These switches have two contacts or connections, and are commonly used for the momentary activation of a circuit such as a horn, relay, or starter.

For high current applications such as starters, we feature a heavy duty 50 amp push button switch which comes with a boot to make it waterproof. Connections to these switches are usually done via screw terminals, and the switches are mounted using a drilled out hole.

Keyed and Starter Switches

Keyed and starter switches for use in 12 volt and 24 volt automotive and marine type electrical systems. Our keyed switches are die-cast constructed, are supplied with 2 keys, and come in either 2 position, 3 position, or 4 position.

The 2 position keyed switch is a basic On-Off circuit with connections made via screw terminals. 3 position keyed switches are ON-Off-ON circuits with three screw terminals for connections. Then, 4 position keyed switches features a ON-OFF-ON-Momentary ON circuit similar to most ignition switches found in an automobile.

We also carry a sealed starter/horn push-button switch and a 50 amp push-button switch with a boot for remote starter applications. These switches are for use in 12 volt and 24 volt DC circuits only, and are not intended for higher voltage or AC use.

Battery Switches

Battery switches are designed to be used to interrupt and isolate the battery or bank of batteries in a vehicle from the rest of the vehicle's electrical system.

Battery switches are capable of switching much higher currents than ordinary switches. Because of their purpose, battery switches are intended to be used in low voltage 12 volt and 24 volt DC electrical systems, and should never be used for high voltage AC current.

Some battery switches feature a removable key, allowing the switch to be left in either the ON or OFF position while being tamper resistant. Our switches range in capacity of 50 amps up to 180 amps of continuous current.

Connections to the switches are usually made using either a 5/16" or 3/8" copper cable lug or heavy duty ring terminal. The accompanying video gives an overview of our battery switch selection and how to use them properly.

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