Collection: High Amp Circuit Breakers

Bussmann High Amp Circuit BreakersHigh amperage circuit breakers provides current protection in a compact package. These circuit breakers are water resistant and come are available in amperage ratings of 50,80, 100, 135, and 150 amps. High amp circuit breakers are often used as the main power protection for all circuits coming off your battery. The circuit breakers are Type 3 manual resettable. When they trip from an over-current or short circuit condition, a lever pops out that must be pushed back in to reset the circuit breaker. A red button on top of the circuit breaker allow you to manually disconnect the breaker and can serve as a master disconnect. Manufactured by Cooper Bussmann, these circuit breakers set the standard in high power DC circuit protection. With a voltage rating of up to 32 volts DC, they can be used for both 12 volt and 24 volt electrical systems.

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