Collection: Power Distribution Blocks

Power Distribution BlocksPower distribution blocks are used for handling the routing of power circuits to your vehicle's electrical system. WiringProducts carries two main types of power distribution blocks - bussed and independent. These are non-fused distribution blocks and are used primarily for routing and connecting power or ground circuits. If you need a fused distribution solution, check out our fuse blocks here. A bussed power distribution block will take a single larger input cable and allow it to be spit out to smaller cables for branch circuits, or working as a ground buss, can bring in smaller ground cables to a single ground cable that can then be run back to the battery. Independent power distribution blocks consist of barrier terminal blocks or stud type junction blocks. With these products, the connections are 'independent' from each other and are not connected together internally. This allows for multiple individual circuits to be routed to a single location where each circuit can each have multiple connections going to it.

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