Collection: Copper Battery Terminals

Copper battery terminals offer the highest degree of electrical conductivity, provide a high degree of strength, and can be easily soldered or crimped using the proper tools. Constructed from die-cast copper and tin plated, our copper battery terminals will fit cable sizes ranging from 6 gauge to 4/0 gauge battery cable. These terminals come in four different configurations: Straight barrel, right angle, left angle, and parallel, which are used to connect multi-batteries together in battery bank systems. Battery terminals come in either positive or negative polarity for use with either the positive post or negative post of your battery. Smaller gauge terminals are universal and the same terminal can be used with either the'+' or '-' side of your battery. Each terminal is marked with it's polarity as well as it's gauge size. Includes 5/16" bolt and nut. Copper battery terminals are an excellent choice for reliable higher current electrical systems.

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