Collection: Circuit Breakers - Type 1 Auto Reset - Type 2 Modified Reset - Type 3 Manual Reset

Bussmann Short Stop Circuit BreakersCircuit Breakers are Available in type 1 auto reset (12 and 24 volt DC options), type 2 modified reset (12 volt only), and type 3 manual reset (12 or 24 volt dual voltage use). Circuit breakers come in three mounting styles - standard right angle mounting bracket, parallel mounting bracket, and without a mounting bracket.

  • Type 1 Auto reset circuit breakers will trip in an over-current situation and will automatically reset itself after a period of time. If the fault condition is still present, it will trip again.
  • Type 2 modified reset circuit breakers will remain tripped until the source current is removed from the breaker, at which time the circuit breaker will reset itself. This prevents the breaker from continuously cycling on and off.
  • Type 3 circuit breakers have a button on the end that will pop up when the breaker trips, and it must be manually pushed in to reset the circuit breaker.
Circuit breakers can be protected from the elements through the use of circuit breaker boots.

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