Collection: Bullet Terminal Connectors

Bullet terminals, or bullet connectors come in wither bullet sizes of 0.157" or 0.180".  They are available in vinyl insulated, nylon insulated, or heat shrink bullets.  Bullet connectors are easy to connect and disconnect and are fully insulated to provide a splash proof connection.  Bullet connectors are commonly used in automotive environments.

Vinyl insulated male and female bullet terminals available for wire sizes from 22 gauge to 14 gauge. PVC insulation securely molded around tin plated copper inner terminal. For use with voltages as high as 600 volts.Temperature rating: 105° C (221° F).

Nylon insulated bullet terminals have a brazed seam will not separated under pressure or operating stress. Clear nylon resists deformation and cracking due to heat and stress. Industry standard color-coding indicates wire range. Rated to 600 volts. Temperature rating up to 221°F (105°C).

Heat shrink bullet terminal connectors are adhesive-lined and color-coded to industry standard wire range. The translucent, gauge printed heat shrink allows for visual inspection. They have a greater pull strength when compared to vinyl or nylon. Heat shrink bullet terminals protect against corrosion and are waterproof when installed correctly. Rated to 600 volts maximum, building wire; 1000 volts maximum, 105°C.

Available in quantities of 5, 25 and 100 pieces. Click on the desired gauge and use the drop down menu for price and quantity.

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