Automotive Fuses

Automotive fuses to fit all styles of OEM and after-market automotive fuse blocks, fuse panels, and fuse holders. Meets or exceeds all S.A.E. and O.E.M. specifications and requirements. Our selection of automotive fuses include ATC fuses - which fit all ATC (closed to air) and ATO (open to air) fuse blocks and holders, MINI fuses - a smaller version of the ATC fuse found in many modern automobiles, glass AGC fuses, high power ANL fuses, MAXI fuses, MANL fuses - a smaller version of the ANL fuse, AGU fuses - a higher power version of the glass fuse, FLF and FLB cartridge fuses. We also carry Smart Glow ATC fuses that light up when blown making it easy to identify which circuit is faulty. We also provide a selection of fuses in our fuse kits, and have fuse tap connectors that allow you to tap a circuit into an existing fuse.

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