Fuses, Fuse Blocks and Fuse Holders

Fuses, fuse blocks, and fuse holders come in a variety of styles for use in 12 volt and 24 volt electrical systems, and are used to both distribute power and provide circuit protection in a single location.  Fuse blocks and fuse panels include products for  ATC, ATM or Mini, AGC, AGU, and ANL fuses. They come in either an independent or ganged power configuration. Independent power means that there is a separate input and output connection for each fuse location, while ganged power means that a single wire or cable connection is used to supply power to each of the fuses in the fuse panel or block. Fuse holders are meant to house a single fuse, and are often used to provide in-line circuit protection for a single electrical accessory. Our fuse holders are available in standard AGC, ATM and ATC fuses, as well as higher power MANL and ANL fuses. We also carry a wide array of automotive style fuses of the following  types: ATC (3-40 amps), ATM (2-30 amps), AGC (5-30 amps), MAXI (20-80 amps), MANL (20-150 amps), ANL (80-300 amps), AGU (30-80 amps), FLB and FLF cartridge fuses (20-70 amps). We also carry Smart Glowtm fuses, which light up when they are blown to indicate a circuit failure. All of our fuses, fuse blocks, and fuse holders meet or exceed OEM and SAE standards.

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