Collection: Wire Crimping Tools

Cable Lug Crimping ToolWire Crimping tools are designed to properly attach wire terminals to wire ends providing a reliable connection for your electrical circuits. Our crimping tools provide consistent crimps time after time. For basic wire terminal crimping, an economical crimping tool will suffice. If you have a lot of wire crimping to do, a ratchet crimper will provide ease of operation and the same crimping pressure from your first terminal to your last. Many of our crimping tools also integrate other functions such as wire stripping and cutting. Most wire crimping tools can be used with both insulated and non-insulated wire terminals and connectors. We have crimpers for 22 awg terminals all the way up to 1/0 copper lugs. Feel free to watch this video on one of our bigger crimpers and how easy it will make any big crimping job.

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