Push-On Terminals

Push On Wire TerminalsPush-on terminals are quick connect wire terminals that come in sizes ranging from a standard 1/4 inch width down to as small as a 0.110 inch width. Push on terminals come in either a male or female configuration. Non insulated push on terminals are made of tinned copper and can be used with heat shrink to insulate the wire terminal after it is crimped. High temperature push on terminals are made from nickel plated steel and can withstand temperatures up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Vinyl push on terminals have a PVC insulation around the barrel to protect against short circuits. Nylon push on terminals are a higher performance wire terminal that come in either a partially insulated version, or a fully insulated version where the nylon insulation covers the whole terminal. Heat shrink push ons are the highest performance push on terminals available and will also seal your connection after it is attached to the wire. Please watch our video to see our selection of push on wire terminals.

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