Collection: Cable Ties, Tie Mounts and Cable Clamps

Nylon cable ties, cable tie mounts and wire clamps are excellent products for wire management and are used to help keep your wiring neat and orderly.

Nylon cable ties, also known as wire ties, come in many different sizes ranging from 4 inches in length to over 11 inches in length. The strength of a cable tie is measured in tensile strength, and indicates how much force can be applied to the cable tie before it breaks. We carry standard size UV black and natural cable ties, as well as an array of colored cable ties.

Cable tie mounts are designed for attaching cable ties to a fixed surface and are commonly used in cleaning up wire bundle runs.

Cable clamps are available in either economical nylon clamps, or highly reliable and strong steel and stainless steel clamps, and are available in sizes ranging from 1/4" diameter up to 3 inches in diameter.

All of our wire ties and cable clamps meet or exceed OEM and SAE standards.

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