Collection: Nylon Flag Terminals

Nylon flag terminals are right angle fully insulated 1/4 inch push on terminals. Their right angle design makes these nylon flag terminals a great choice when space is a premium such as inside of motors or other tight fitting electrical applications. The nylon insulation is color coded based on wire size. The flag terminals have a flared entry for the wire to help keep the strands of your wires from separating when inserted into the barrel. Nylon flag terminals are rated for voltages as high as 600 volts. The strong insulating nylon material won't split when crimped. The base terminal is manufactured from tinned copper with special retention ribs to keep the push on terminal securely attached.

Made in the USA.

Available in quantities of 5, 25 and 100 pieces. Click on the desired gauge and use the drop down menu for price and quantity.

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