1 Gauge Solder Slugs / Pellets

Our 1 gauge slugs create a supreme connection over crimping, providing a better bond, resulting in increased performance and 1 Gauge Solder Pellet / Slug. better protection from corrosion. Designed for use in mid to heavier sized battery terminals, or great for use with any closed end connectors like our copper lugs.
Part #: SS-1GA
Part #: SS-1GA
Quantity Price ea.
1 + $2.47
5 + $2.10
25 + $1.73
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Do the job like a pro with our 1 gauge color-coded solder slugs. These larger slugs are designed for use in light utility and work trucks, 1/4 ton to some 3/4 ton trucks, light duty farm equipment. The best choice for marine applications that require extra protection against corrosion. Perfect for battery terminal connectors, or any kind of closed end connector such as our line of copper lugs. The advantage over crimping gets better when you go up in wire size. In a larger wire with more current, you get an even higher efficiency than the crimping method, a much more bonded connection resulting in far better protection against corrosion. So when dealing with bigger lugs, our solder slugs are the way to go.  The video lbelow links to a good instructional video on how to use a 1 gauge solder pellet.

Battery Terminals Video

Tools needed:

*Propane or butane torch

*wire strippers

*a bottle of flux

*heat shrink tubing (we recomend our Heavy Duty)

*a vice or clamps.

How to use a solder slug / solder pellet:

*Strip cable so that the exposed copper reaches the battery terminal bottom

*Place the proper slug size into the battery terminal, and secure it with a vice

*Slide the heat shrink tube over the wire

*Apply several drops of flux to the exposed copper of the cable

*Pre-heat solder to until it melts

*As soon as solder melts, slowly insert the cable while continuing apply heat

*Make sure conection is secure and shrink the tubing over the connection