Collection: 2 Gauge Battery Cable

2 Gauge (American Wire Gauge) Battery Cable has an amperage capacity of 150 amps at a cable length of 10 feet. 2 Gauge battery cable can be used as power cabling for small cars, RV trailers, golf carts, solar cells, watercraft and trolling motors. Used in smaller cars, trucks, and other vehicles that have a requirement for a higher power electrical system. When used as a power cable in a DC electrical system, remember that the total length of both the positive and negative cables have to be considered when selecting amperage capacity of the cable in your electrical system. Termination of battery cable is done using copper lugs or battery terminals. Covered in a durable, high temperature resistant red PVC insulation. Rated for low voltage and battery use up to 60 volts DC and 25 Volts AC.  The internal copper stranded core is highly conductive maximizing current flow while still being highly flexible. Meets SAE J1127 specifications. Temperature rated from -50°C to 105°C (-58°F to 221°F). Made in the USA. RoHS Compliant

Amperage Rating for 2 AWG Gauge Battery Cable with a 2% Voltage Drop at 12 Volts DC
Total System Amperage 50 Amps 100 Amps 150 Amps 200 Amps 300 Amps
Length (ft) 29.8 ft 14.9 ft 9.9 ft 7.4 ft 4.9 ft

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