Collection: 20 Amp Toggle Switches with Push On Terminals

20 Amp toggle switches with push on terminals utilize a standard 1/4'' male push on for connections to the switch. Toggle switches are available in both ON and MOMENTARY operations. Switching configurations available are SPST (single pole, single throw, 2 terminals), SPDT (single pole, double throw, 3 terminals), DPST (double pole, single throw, 4 terminals), and DPDT (double pole, double throw, 6 terminals). These toggle switches are rated for up to 20 amps of current switching at 12 volts DC or 120 volts AC. A standard 1/2 inch threaded mounting stem with ridged retaining nut allow the switch to easily be panel mounted into a 1/2 inch hole. The switches also include a second nut on the mounting stem that is used to adjust the depth that the toggle switch will protrude through your mounting surface. These 20 amp toggle switches are UL rated with the ratings stamped on the side of the switch.

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