Collection: 50 Amp High Power Connectors

50 Amp high power connectors are used to connect power and ground on accessories such as smaller winches, motors, lifts, and more. The 50 amp high power connectors are sold in two parts: connector housings, and power pins. It takes two housings and 4 pins to make a complete connector. The connectors are unisex, so there is on male or female parts. Instead, same color housings mate with each other, but will not mate with a housing of a different color. The connector pins are available in wire size ranges from 6 awg cable  to 12 awg wire. The pins are tin plated to resist corrosion and making them easy to solder. Housing colors available are red, gray, and black. Rated for use to 600 volts and 50 amps continuous current AC or DC.

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