Collection: Appliance Rocker Switches

Appliance Rocker SwitchesAppliance rocker switches are used for new and replacement switches for home appliances, computer equipment, automotive and recreational vehicles, and industrial controls. Appliance rocker switches fit a standard .550" x 1.125" panel cutout. Terminals are brass, and the switch contacts are copper alloy or silver plated copper alloy, The outer case and the rocker mechanism are made from black nylon. These switches are UL rated for 10A/240V AC; 16A/120V AC. Non-illuminated appliance rockers can also be used for 12 volt and 24 volt DC switching. The illuminated rocker switches come in red, amber, green, and blue. The non-illuminated appliance rockers come in SPST and SPDT configurations and can operate as ON-OFF, ON-ON, AND ON-OFF-ON.

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