Collection: Custom Circuit Breaker Panels

Circuit breaker panels provide a single location for accessing the circuits of your electrical system.  Panel mount circuit breakers provide overcurrent and short circuit protection for each of your electrical feeds.  The breakers are mounted into a 1/8 inch thick custom engraved plastic faceplate.  Each circuit breaker can be labeled with the wording of your choice to identify what each circuit is for.  The panels have an attractive black finish with white lettering.  We can also add your own logo to the bottom of the panel, or use it to identify what the panel is for.  Each circuit breaker has a button that will pop out in the event that the breaker trips.  To reset it, simply push the button back in.  The amperage rating is printed on the face of the reset button.  Clear boots are available to make the panel waterproof from the front.  The circuit breakers can be used in both 12 volt and 24 volt electrical systems, with a max voltage of 32VDC.  They are also rated for 120 volts AC use and 240 volts AC as well, with a max AC rating of 250 volts.  Each panel is available in a standard size, and can be customized to almost any size you need.  Panels are shipped assembled.  Wiring is not included, as each customer's wiring requirements may be different.  An attractive solution to organize, access, and display your electrical system.  Need more circuit breakers?  Need a custom size, layout, or design?  Call us at 1-800-549-0243 and we can make you a completely custom panel to your needs.

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