Collection: Double Crimp Fully Insulated Nylon Push-On terminals

Fully insulated nylon double crimp push on terminals are high performance quick connect terminals for 22 gauge to 10 gauge wire. The nylon insulation fully covers the push on terminal to protect against short circuits. The double crimp design provides extra strain relief for the wire once it is attached to the terminal. Nylon is a more durable material than vinyl and will resist deformation due to crimping stress and heat, making these terminals ideal for use in automotive and marine electrical environments as well as commercial and industrial applications. Nylon double crimp push-on terminals have a high grip strength and are tin plated for maximum current flow with corrosion resistance. Maximum voltage rating is 600 volts and temperature rating up to 221°F (105°C).

Available in quantities of 5, 25 and 100 pieces. Click on the desired gauge and use the drop down menu for price and quantity.

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