Collection: Dual High Power Connectors

Dual Power ConnectorsDual high power connectors come in three sizes with each size rated for 50 amp, 175 amp,  and 350 amp current capacity.  They are all rated for use up to to 600 volts continuous AC or DC operation. Each dual power connector allows you to connect two power cables together creating a highly reliable and high current power connector. For 12 to 6 AWG wire, use the 50 amp connector pins and housings, for 4 to 1/O AWG cable, use the 175 amp connector pins and housings, and for 2/O to 4/O AWG cable, use the 350 amp pins and housings.  The power connectors are unisex, and will mate together by simply rotating one of the connectors 180 degrees. Like colors will only mate together. For example, two red connectors will mate together, but a red and a black connector will not. Connector pins and housings are sold separately. The pins are tin plated and can be either crimped or soldered to your cables. Housings feature retention spring clips which will hold the cable and pin securely inside the housing when inserted properly, but it can easily be removed using a small flat screwdriver to release the retention spring. PLEASE NOTE: Two (2) housings and four (4) contacts are required for a complete connection.

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