Collection: Heavy Duty Heat Shrink

Heavy Duty Heat Shrink With Adhesive is an extremely durable heat shrink tubing that is made from irradiated polyolefin, a high quality material which shrinks to 1/3 its size.  Polyolefin is stable, and can be stored for extended periods of time without shrinkage.  Extra heavy duty cross linked outer wall is extra thick and is excellent for use over battery cables and terminals, or wherever you need the maximum protection from abrasion or breakage. When the tubing is heated, the adhesive sealant flows and physically encapsulates your connection, creating a waterproof and environmentally protected seal. The material can be cut to size using heavy duty scissors, shears, or a sharp blade. Operating temperature is -67°F to 230°F (-55°C to 110°C) and shrink ration is 3 to 1. Available in red or black.

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