Collection: Nylon Insulated Push-On Terminals

Nylon insulated push-on terminals are a tinned copper wire terminal that utilize durable nylon for the insulator, providing a higher grade push-on terminal than standard vinyl insulation. Our nylon push-on terminals come in either partially insulated - where the insulation covers the crimp barrel, and fully insulated - where the insulation also completely shrouds the male or female terminal end to protect against short circuits. The insulation is flared to make wire insertion easier. Many of our nylon push-on terminals also are a double crimp design with an extra crimp sleeve that envelops the insulation of the wire when inserted into the terminal to provide extra strain relief for the wire. Nylon insulated push-on terminals are rated for a maximum of 600 volts use. Push-on size is a standard 1/4 inch.

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