Collection: Reversing Toggle Switches

Reversing toggle switches have a built in circuit specially designed to reverse the polarity of the current supplied on the switch's outputs for reversing the direction of DC motors. Such motors are commonly found in accessories such as winches, lift gates, and wheel chair lifts. These motors will have two wires going to them - when voltage is applied to one wire and ground to the other, the motor will spin in one direction, and when you reverse the wires, the motor will spin in the other direction. Reversing toggle switches can be identified by criss-cross jumpers usually found on the back of the switch. These toggle switches can handle up to 20 amps of current at 12 volts DC. There are 4 connections on the back of each reversing toggle switch - power, ground, and the two wires that go to your motor. The switch's connections can be either screw terminal (#6 ring terminal), or 1/4 inch push ons.

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