Battery Switches

High Power Battery Disconnect SwitchesBattery switches and keyed battery switches are high power switches designed to interrupt and/or isolate batteries from the rest of the electrical system. They are often used as a kind of 'master disconnect' to shut off all power to an electrical system in order to prevent drainage of your batteries. These unique switches are single pole single throw in design, and can take from 50 amps to 400 amps of continuous use current, depending upon which switch you choose. For light duty use, our battery master switch with a removable red key is the economical choice. For higher amperage systems we offer the 180 amp high power switch which comes with either lever activation or removable key activation. For maximum current interruption, our monster duty 400 amp continuous capacity lever/knife switch is the choice. These switches are for use on low voltage 12 and 24 volt DC circuits only. Please watch our video to see which switch is the one you need.

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