Electrical Kits

Electrical Kits provide an easy and convenient way to access and store the electrical parts and supplies you need. We carry small economical terminal kits with a few of each of the common terminals you may need for quick electrical repair, and larger kits with everything you would need and more for the more advanced installer and electrician. We also carry heat shrink tube kits with an assortment of heat shrink tubing in different sizes and colors cut to pre-sized lengths, and automotive fuse kits with an assortment of either ATC or ATM fuses in an easy to carry and store case. Also check out our Ultimate Installer Kit, with more than 2,000 parts organized into 5 bins stored in a stackable enclosure with pull-out drawers for easy access to all of the parts. It truly is the Ultimate in electrical kits. These kits are manufactured in the U.S.A. All products in our kits meet or exceed original equipment and SAE standards.

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