Collection: High Power 12 Volt Solenoids

High power 12 Volt DC Solenoids are for use in auxiliary starter systems, solar array and battery switching, or other high power 12 volt DC applications. Solenoids simply explained are high current relays or switches. They come in either continuous operation types or intermittent operation types. Continuous operation solenoids are designed to be activated for extended periods of time, and can usually handle currents up to 85 amps. They are used for main electrical circuit feeds and battery isolation. They are available in either a grounded form, where the coil inside the solenoid is grounded through the body of the solenoid, or insulated form, where a separate ground wire is required for the coil. A weather resistant version is also available for use when the solenoid will be used in an exposed environment. Intermittent operation solenoids are designed to handle extremely high currents of up to 750 amps for short periods of time, and are not designed to be used in an 'always on' type of circuit. Applications for these type of solenoids include starter circuits, high power winches, and hydraulic motors. They are also available with either a grounded body or an insulated body for the coil.

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