Collection: Marine Grade Switches

Marine grade switches designed to be used in boating and marine applications, or wherever a switch may be exposed to water or outdoor use. These switches feature integrated seals to protect against environmental conditions, and/or have switch parts made from materials such as brass,stainless steel, or plastic to resist corrosion. Our marine rated toggle switches feature an integrated seal and double insulated design, are UL rated and can be used for either AC or DC switching. Single pole and double pole switch configurations in either ON or Momentary ON operation are available with connections made via 1/4 inch flat terminals. Our marine rated rocker switches are also UL rated and can be used for either AC or DC switching as well. Available in SPST (single pole single throw), SPDT (single pole double throw), DPST (double pole single throw), and DPDT (double pole double throw), these rocker switches also feature either ON or Momentary ON circuits. Some of the rockers are also available with 12 volt illumination built in, and are a very popular for use in switch panels for boats.

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