Collection: Tapes, Grommets, and Chemicals

Electrical tapes are used to cover, insulate, and protect electrical connections. We carry electrical tapes from 3M and other leaders in the industry, and have tapes to meet a variety of electrical needs and requirements. From basic Temflextm vinyl electrical tape that work for most electrical requirements, to higher performance Super33+tm and Super88tm tapes. Perhaps you need an amalgamating 'cold shrink' tape that will bond to itself to create a tough, insulating and resilient waterproof covering, or a rubber tape that will fuse to itself creating a thick rubber protective barrier. We also carry color coding tape in red, green, white, and blue for identifying different circuits, and silicone tape for higher temperature applications up to 500°F. For odd shaped connections, liquid electrical tape can fill the need, conforming and flowing into any shape or crevice and drying to a tough insulating barrier. To protect an electrical connection from corrosion, we offer di-electric grease, which will prevent moisture from reaching your connection while remaining electrically conductive.

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