Keyed and Starter Switches

Keyed and Starter SwitchesKeyed and starter switches for use in 12 volt and 24 volt automotive and marine type electrical systems. Our keyed switches are die-cast constructed, are supplied with 2 keys, and come in either 2 position, 3 position, or 4 position. Our 2 position keyed switch is a basic On-Off circuit with connections made via screw terminals. Our 3 position keyed switch is an ON-Off-ON circuit with three screw terminals for connections. Our 4 position keyed switch features a ON-OFF-ON-Momentary ON circuit similar to most ignition switches found in an automobile. We also carry a sealed starter/horn pushbutton switch and a 50 amp pushbutton switch with a boot for remote starter applications. These switches are for use in 12 volt and 24 volt DC circuits only, and are not intended for higher voltage or AC use.